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Test Your Organization's Data Security Posture

The most accurate way to know your organizational weaknesses is to examine your business environment the way a hacker would-- through manual security penetration testing, also called ethical hacking. Our certified penetration testers use up-to-date hacking methodologies and innovative technology to identify vulnerabilities, minimize risk, and help protect your organization against the most current hacking trends.

Penetration testing process


Pre-Penetration Testing Consulting


Penetration Testing Engagement


Remediation And Retesting

Pre-Test Consulting

Each penetration test begins with a pre-engagement conference call between you and a certified penetration tester. The call discovers the extent of your pen test needs, covers high- level testing methodologies, defines the scope of your pen test, and provides you the opportunity to ask questions.

Penetration Testing Engagement

Using information gained through target profiling and enumeration, automated testing, service research, and application analysis, our penetration test analysts manually attempt to exploit identified vulnerabilities and business logic coding errors. The pen test analysts will document everything they find to make remediation as simple as possible.

Remediation and Retesting

SecurityMetrics provides a detailed report to summarize your penetration test results and provide recommendations to patch weaknesses. If you fail particular aspects of the penetration test, a penetration test analyst retests your system once you've resolved the issue to ensure proper patching. Unlike many penetration test firms, the retest of your system is included in your initial quote.

Top Reasons To Use SecurityMetrics Penetration Testing Services

  • Find the Root Cause Of Your Vulnerabilities

    Most penetration test providers only report discovered vulnerabilities. Our certified penetration testers use a thorough discovery process to uncover weaknesses and report discovered vulnerabilities and why your organization is vulnerable to them. Many organizations waste time finding the root cause of their vulnerabilities. We identify the root cause to save you time and ensure your data security efforts are focused in the right areas.
  • An Accurate Snapshot Of System Security

    Where self-assessments and internal audits provide general security rules for your organization, pen testing provides a specific, accurate, and actionable analysis of your organization's security health. Our certified penetration testers analyze your network environment and identify not only potential vulnerabilities, but also current exploitable threats that put your organization at risk.
  • Thorough Testing Without The Downtime

    SecurityMetrics penetration tests include a detailed evaluation of your business' testing needs and extensive testing of internal network, external network, and application layer environments. Our pen tests are system-friendly and won't bog-down or interfere with your usual network operations.
  • Detailed Reporting With Expert Remediation Assistance

    After your initial analysis is complete, our penetration testers provide detailed threat reports and step-by-step explanations for how they gained system access through exploitable vulnerabilities. Our pen testing services includes consulting, which you can use for remediation assistance, security consulting, and/or to retest your system environment.

Here's what our customers are saying

SecurityMetrics executes their assessment with speed and precision. Using a multitude of tools, SecurityMetrics covers a wide range of potential vulnerabilities with an in-depth Penetration Testing system. Their highly trained engineers conduct and communicate the step-by-step process and eliminate the guesswork. The test report is completely broken down into vulnerable items, exploit potential and remediation steps, all in full color with tables and graphs, helping to speed up the overall PCI process. We appreciate the time, interest and detail SecurityMetrics takes in helping our company maintain our annual PCI certification.

US Alliance Group

SecurityMetrics' Pen Testing has definitely helped us improve our network security in ways I could have never imagined. You just don't know what you don't know. I am absolutely confident in their team's abilities and my experience has led me trust them implicitly as a security partner. Their depth of understanding is impressive, and their professionalism is unmatched.

Morgan Leppink, Internet Ticketing Systems

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