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Compliance for your end-to-end solution

Your customers now demand an end-to-end solution. As a service provider you may question how to begin offering a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution to your customers, and what requirements you must fulfill to securely implement this solution. SecurityMetrics PCI P2PE Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) dedicate their time to inform, answer questions, and help you achieve a successful audit.

Pathway to Point-to-Point Encryption Compliance


Pre consulting and remediation checklist


End-to-End Solution Assessment


PCI P2PE Report on Validation (P-ROV)

Pre consulting and remediation checklist

Our friendly and knowledgeable QSAs complete an initial gap analysis of your Point-to-Point Encryption solution. Once the possible problem areas have been identified, we provide a detailed checklist of issues that must be addressed before final testing can take place.

End-to-End Solution Assessment

SecurityMetrics QSAs take the time required to review and assess each portion of your audit. QSAs guide you through audit preparation, onsite assessment of data flows and processes, key-management processes, and provide a post-test summary report that identifies action items that must be completed before the audit report can be finalized.

PCI P2PE Report on Validation (P-ROV)

Once compliance requirements have been met, SecurityMetrics QSAs write and submit the ROV to the PCI Council. Our QSAs act as your advocate and work directly with the Council to clarify any issues or provide additional information required by the evaluation staff.

Top Reasons to use SecurityMetrics

  • Help at every step of the way

    Many service providers are unfamiliar with the process of PCI Point-to-Point Encryption compliance validation. SecurityMetrics QSAs guide your organization through audit preparation, onsite assessment of data flows and processes, key-management processes, solution remediation, and the final Point-to-Point Encryption Report on Validation (P-ROV) submission to ensure an accurate and efficient validation process for your audit.
  • Security through expertise

    SecurityMetrics is one of only a few companies worldwide qualified to conduct PCI Point-to-Point Encryption assessments. Our QSAs work with you to establish processes and procedures that not only simplify compliance validation today, but also create lasting security for down the road.
  • Accelerated compliance

    Time and effort spent on Point-to-Point Encryption validation is at the expense of market share and sales opportunity. SecurityMetrics has developed detailed and accurate assessment methods that focus on exposing common process flaws early in the audit, which allows you to quickly remediate weaknesses, validate your compliance to the PCI Council, and shift focus to product sales and growing market share.
  • No surprise pricing

    SecurityMetrics Point-to-Point Encryption Assessment pricing is simple. There are no hidden charges, no add-on fees, and no onsite hourly charges. SecurityMetrics gives you one custom price that won't change.
  • Higher standard of service

    SecurityMetrics QSAs are accurate, experienced, easy to work with, responsive to your needs, and provide comprehensive assessments. Clients enjoy working with SecurityMetrics QSAs so much that over 90% of customers return the following year.

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